Homeland Security Uses 4,058 Agencies to Spy on Americans

by Mark on December 20, 2010 16:04 pm · 10 comments

Big Brother is Watching YouToday we read that Janet Napolitano’s Homeland Security is now going to begin battling Global Warming (while, by the way, NASA says global warming can save us from the new ice age!).

If you think Homeland Security is expanding into areas it shouldn’t, and intruding too far into your life, you’re right. But wait until you hear just how right you are. They have created a vast network to spy on you and your neighbors. How vast? Breitbart.com has the details:

The government is using for this purpose the FBI, local police, state homeland security offices and military criminal investigators, the daily added.

The system collects, stores and analyzes information about thousands of US citizens and residents, many of whom have not been accused of any wrongdoing, the report noted.

The government’s goal is to have every state and local law enforcement agency in the country feed information to Washington to buttress the work of the FBI, noted the paper, which has conducted its own investigation of the matter.

According to the report, the network includes 4,058 federal, state and local organizations, each with its own counter-terrorism responsibilities and jurisdictions.

But don’t worry, the data will be safe over at the FBI.

In addition, the FBI is building a database with the names and personal information of thousands of US citizens and residents, the report said.

The database is accessible to an increasing number of local law enforcement and military criminal investigators, the report noted.

Remember when the ACLU was apoplectic over the Patriot Act? That was child’s play compared to what’s going on now.

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